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Pinitto.me at London Node User Group (LNUG)

At the Feburary London Node User Group (LNUG) Lloyd had a chance to speak about pinitto.me. Pinitto.me is our open source infinite virtual corkboard applicationto help with planning days for colleagues at Surevine.

The system is built upon node.js with mongodb providing the persistence, express the http responses, and socket.io handling the server connections.

The project is on github so we suggest you check it out and get involved if you would like to: https://github.com/pinittome/pinitto.me.

The talk wasn’t focussed on pinitto.me itself, more importantly Lloyd wanted to talk about how we’re in an exciting place where we’re moving to a realtime web and how node.js and related tools made building realtime applications really simple and fast. Coupled with this he shared a few of the lessons he’d learned in building the application.

Thanks to Andrew Nesbitt for organising and if you’re a node.js developer or interested in node.js I suggest you get yourself there for a meetup (if at least for the free pizza and beer).

Here’s the slides from the talk (http://www.rvl.io/lloydwatkin/pinittome-what-why-how).